Camp La-No-Che is looking for passionate, energetic, and dedicated program staff to support our year-round programs and operations. Situated on the Southern edge of the Ocala National Forest and serving thousands of Scouts annually, camp is always looking to grow our dynamic team of seasoned staff on a semi-annual basis. We employ seasonally 30-60 staff based on our events each year. Staff serve in a variety of positions ranging from merit badge counselors, aquatics lifeguards, adventure camp staff, administrative, and logistical roles. Due to the unique nature of our year-round operation, we’re looking for motivated, professional, and hard-working staff to help us provide one of the best spring, summer, and winter camp programs in the United States. Currently the age restrictions in place require our applicants to be at least 14 years of age for a volunteer/CIT (counselor in training) role. Paid positions can begin at the age of 15, however due to the amount of applications received and steep competition for positions they are not guaranteed. Check out the additional information below, and if you have any questions please contact camp directly. 


Winter Camp is a great time to put your application in and to begin a new unique adventure of applying to be a seasonal camp staff member. With several sessions to choose from those with the best availability are often times the most considered. Camp is always looking to grow our dynamite team, and we invite you to apply for a position.


Spring Break Mini Camp Staff are chosen from past seasoned staff who receive the best feedback and have mastered their craft. With only 2 short sessions of Mini Camp we need high-performing staff who need little reinforcment or additional training. Please consider instead applying for an upcoming Winter and/or Summer Camp role.


Summer Camp is whirlwind of fun and excitement. Annually we recruit for a variety of positions, and often times get well over 100 applicants. While a position is not guaranteed, we do hire for approximately 60-70 volunteer/staff roles. We invite you to apply and potentially join this elite team of Summer Camp Staff members serving La-No-Che!

New or first-time applicants for Summer Camp are required to undergo a weekend long interview, known as “New Applicant Weekend”. This allows both Camp Admin, Area Directors, and the New Applicants themselves to get to know one another, learn about the various camp roles, camp life, and the various skills successful staff need in order to best serve our Scouts! This weekend for Summer 2024 is scheduled for: February 23-25th, 2024, our Admin team will contact you via email to confirm your attendance.

New or first-time applicants for Winter Camp are required to complete an online or in person interview in late November, our Admin team will contact you via email to schedule.

Spring Break Mini Camp staff are currently chosen from seasoned staff who served the season prior, these staff are recruited by our Camp Admin team by special invitation.

(All applicants must undergo a formal interview to be selected, interview are conducted by Camp Director, Program Director, and members of the Admin Team.)